The Children's Education & Learning Center

The Children’s Education and Learning Center combines the “Creative Curriculum” with the Pennsylvania Standards for Early Learning to provide a unique learning experience for every child. The curriculum is individualized for each grade level, beginning with our Infant and continuing through our Toddler, Pre-School and Kindergarten programs. Our curriculum incorporates a broad range of creative, hands-on and enrichment opportunities to help our students develop the skills that establish a solid foundation for learning. Each grade focuses the cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of our students. Art, music, computer and physical education are incorporated into our daily schedules. Recognizing the importance of educating “The Whole Child”, we strive to help our students develop a positive and strong sense of self. A child who is taught self-respect and self-worth will ultimately learn to respect others and the world around them.


Your baby will always feel safe and secure at The Children’s Education and Learning Center!
We provide a nurturing atmosphere that encourages exploring, bonding and an overall sense of happiness and security.

The Children's Education & Learning Center

Our Infant Program consists of:

  • Fun activities for large and small motor skill development
  • Imaginary playtime that helps early socialization
  • Classical music which helps stimulate early thinking skills
  • Bright colorful toys that have been carefully selected to enhance exploration and visual stimulation.

Our staff is carefully screened and selected to ensure that your infant is in a safe, secure and loving environment. By minimizing the caregiver to infant ratio, your child is guaranteed care and attention. Our teachers will provide you with a list of daily activities which include:

  • Your child’s eating schedule
  • Diaper Changes
  • Activities your baby engaged in throughout the day
  • Any developmental milestones

At the Children’s Education and Learning Center we adhere to a strict standard of safety and cleanliness. All classrooms and outdoor play areas are kept clean and sanitized to ensure your baby a happy and healthy start to a world of learning. We don’t meet state standards, we exceed them!

Toddler One

Your toddler will enjoy a full day of creative play, while learning to develop his/her emotional and social skills. Throughout our well-balanced program your toddler will enjoy stories, music time, games, arts & crafts and many other fun and engaging activities. Circle time activities introduce our Toddler One children to shapes, colors, letter and number recognition.

The Children's Education & Learning Center

Our Toddler One program focuses on:

  • Language development and communication skills
  • Listening skills including following directions
  • Promoting independence
  • Social interactions
  • Individuality through art, music, movement and dramatic play

Our teachers will provide a daily report on your child’s activities for the day

which include:

  • Your child’s eating and sleeping schedule
  • Activities your child participated in
  • Special moments of the day

 Our staff, along with our bright caring environment will provide your toddler with a sense of security and the perfect atmosphere for learning.

Toddler Two

In our Toddler Two program your child will begin to make the transition from individual to group participation, which is an important part of development. He/she will learn sharing and important social skills for group activities. Through problem solving activities your child will begin to develop other early readiness skills.

The Children's Education & Learning Center

Our Toddler Two program focuses on:

  • Gross and fine motor skills development
  • Language and communication skills
  • Potty training
  • Letter and number recognition
  • Independent and group listening skills

Your child will develop a positive attitude through learning in a fun, safe environment. Daily progress reports will help you to reinforce what your child has learned.


Our Pre-School teachers provide a wonderful balanced curriculum that helps expand your child’s knowledge through introductory programs in math, reading, science and social studies.

The Children's Education & Learning Center

Our Pre-School program focuses on:

  • Math readiness
  • Reading Readiness
  • Phonetic Awareness
  • Critical and creative thinking skills
  • Independent problem solving
  • Self-expression through music and art

Our teachers provide daily reports to keep you informed and prepared to reinforce learning at home.


Our licensed Kindergarten program focuses on helping our students make a smooth transition to elementary school.

The Children's Education & Learning Center

Our Kindergarten program focuses on:

  • Mastering the requirements set forth by the Department of Education Pennsylvania Early
    Learning Standards
  • Critical and complex problem solving
  • Independent and creative thinking skills
  • Phonetic awareness, word attack skills, sight words, reading comprehension
  • Addition, subtraction, money, time and measurement
  • Daily reports and homework will help keep parents informed about daily activities.